• The idea

    NORDSTER is all about appreciating and capturing the northern aesthetic through simple poster designs that represent a love for the rough nature and remarkable animals inhabiting the Northern Hemisphere. All posters are carefully created one geometric shape at a time.

    The idea for our illustrations started in late 2014, when Steffen experimented with the illustration technique that creates our characteristic geometric shapes. He created the Oystercatcher poster and Marie was quick to see the potential, and eagerly learned how to create them herself.

  • Continued

    A year later we had made a total of six posters, and Marie wanted to share the posters with the world – Nordster was born. From there we learned everything from creating websites to filing company taxes, in order to bring the art from our imagination to the walls of your home.

    Steffen has been making graphics and illustrations on the computer for more than ten years. He has just finished his engineering degree in Product Development and Innovation, and for now focus on searching the right job before returning to work on Nordster.

    Marie is half Danish half Faroese and spent the first twelve years of her life in the beautiful Faroe Islands. This was also the main inspiration for our first posters – Puffin and Oystercatcher, which are two common birds inhabiting the Faroe Islands. She is currently studying a Masters degree in Design Management.