1. General

These terms and conditions apply to customers purchasing from www.officialnordster.com. The webshop located on this page is for consumers. Traders wishing to become retailers or sell products from Nordster are requested to make contact through email (officialnordster@gmail.com)

2. Submission of order

A submission of an order is not a legally binding contract. Nordster can therefore cancel an order due to typos, technical problems, failing to deliver og similar situations. A binding contract is made once Nordster sends a binding purchase order which confirms that the products have been shipped.

When submitting an order through our website, we will send you an automatic notice, which shows what products you have ordered. This is simply an acknowledgement that we have recieved your order. This automatic answer is not a binding agreement

3. Cancellation of your order

If you have not recieved a binding purchase order, your order has not yet been handled by Nordster and you can contact us at officialnordster@gmail.com to cancel your order.

4. Prices

Free shipping to countries within The European Union. Shipping on orders going outside of The European Union will be made by the customer.

5. Payment

Payment is handled by PayPal. You can either use a PayPal-account, or creditcard through PayPal when purchasing.

6. Shipping and Delivery

Nordster strives to handle your purchases as fast as  possible (typically within 1-2 working days) after recieving your order, unless otherwise agreed upon.

The shipment will be sent at latest within 5 working days (again we strive to handle it as fast as possible).

If you ordered more than one product, the order will be shipped together, to limit freight/shipping costs.

Nordster uses Post Danmark to sent shipments, and are therefore subjected to their terms and conditions.

7. Right of Cancellation

You can without justification cancel the purchase agreement within 14 days. The with cancellation period will expire 14 days after the day you recieved your goods.

If you use your right of cancellation, Nordster will not cover any costs (shipping, packaging, etc.) you may have. It is therefore important the the shipment is supplied with postage when sending it. We will refund the purchase once the products have come into our possession again.

If you have already recieved your shipment, please send it back without undue delay and no later than 14 days from the date you informed us you wanted to use your right of cancellation.

You are liable for any deminished value of the goods resulting from the handling other than what is neccessary.

8. Warranty

The Danish Sale of Goods Act shortage rules may apply (within Denmark). Have you as a customer bought products, you have in accordance with the Purchase Act, 24 month warranty on all products.

If you discover a defect in a purchased item, you must as soon as possible and within a reasonable time contact Nordster and explain the fault or defect.

Nordster does not guarantee the guarantees given by third parties or retailers.

Complaints can be made by contacting officialnordster@gmail.com. If the goods are defect, Nordster seeks to replace the product.

If you are a retailer or trader wishing to become a retailer and have used our webshop for purchasing the warranty is limited to 30 days. You are as a trader obligated to conduct a study of the purchased items.

9. Reservation and Disclaimer

Nordster take reservations for any tax changes, price and proofreading errors, technical errors, sold out and force majeure, including delays in deliveries from suppliers.